Welcome to Berryman

For over 90 years Berryman has been the leading company in buying and recycling all types of glass. We have pioneered new methods of treatment to make sure that the glass we buy can be put to useful second life — from closed loop systems to make new bottles and jars to construction products, insulation and many other useful products. We work closely with Local Authorities and waste management companies to ensure efficient transportation and fair pricing.

Our commitment to innovation and quality, together with our unrivalled range of services and nationwide coverage makes Berryman your ideal partner in glass recycling.

Working closely with Local Authorities

Berryman's nationwide presence and unrivalled knowledge and experience of all methods of recycling make us the ideal partner to help you plan and implement the most suitable glass recycling programme for your area. Whether it is to purchase the glass from bottle bank or kerbside collections or undertake a more comprehensive service, we can offer a flexible approach and practical solutions that are right for you.


Friends of Glass logo

Glass is one of the most useful materials on the planet, and has remained so since its invention over 5000 years ago. Today, as we move towards becoming a more sustainable society, glass has become a valuable resource that should be recovered and recycled once it has been used. More and more people are joining a new movement called "Friends of Glass" to register their support. We invite you to join as well.

Sorting and Treatment Plants

Berryman's sister company Reuse Glass operates some of the world's most advanced cullet sorting and treatment plants.

Located in London, West and South Yorkshire, they use sophisticated optical and mechanical processes to ensure that cullet of the highest quality is available for re-melt.