Derbyshire County Council visits Berryman in Doncaster

Posted on Monday, October 4th, 2010 at 5:26 pm

“We wanted to show our residents what really happens to the glass they recycle”

Have you ever wondered whether all that recycling that you do is worth while? While you painstakingly sort paper, glass and plastics – how do you know what happens to it when your council carts it away?

Derbyshire County Council’s cabinet member for technology and recycling, Cllr John Allsop, chose Berryman’s cullet treatment plant in Wheatley, Doncaster to show residents  the positive aspects of recycling. He then toured the adjacent Ardagh Glass factory to observe how glass bottles and jars are made using recycled glass.

His visit was reported in a full colour 2-page spread in the Derbyshire Times (September 9 2010) that described the glass recycling process and the many benefits of glass recycling.

Cllr Allsop, and senior recycling and environmental officers who accompanied him, were shown around the cullet treatment works by Berryman’s John Marley and Graham Garrity. Ardagh Glass Wheatley Operations Director, Wayne Rogers, hosted their tour of the glass plant.

“I often hear people wondering whether recycling is worth the effort,” said Cllr Allsop.

“They wonder whether it just goes into landfill or if it’s shipped abroad.

“That’s why I wanted to invite the Derbyshire Times to show their readers what really happens to glass recycled by them.”

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