Construction (unbound aggregates)

aggregateCrushed bottles and jars is, in many respects, highly suitable for use in applications requiring volumes of unbound aggregate. In many of these applications, the performance of the material is of only minor importance, although these modes of use are by no means exploiting the material’s full engineering value. Nonetheless, higher economic value can be realised where the attractive appearance of glass is capitalized on, such as use as a loose surfacing material.

Probably the highest value route to using loose aggregate is as a granular sub-base material in road construction. In the UK, requirements for these materials is defined in the Highways Agency document, ‘Specification for Highway Works’ [1]. The document defines two types of granular material – Types 1 and 2. Type 1 is the coarser of the two types suitable for use as a sub-base in most sub-base application, whereas Type 2 is finer and not typically used in the construction of heavily trafficked pavements.