Purchase of Glass

Glass is a very useful material with an excellent second life, which in today’s environmentally conscious world is very important. There are different types of glass that Berryman can purchase, and they fall into the following categories:

Bottles and Jars

girl_recyclingGlass bottles and jars are used to package food, drink and other household and industrial products. We will buy cullet (the term for used glass) either from bottle banks (bring systems) or kerbside (collect) collections, or glass that has been processed through MRFs (Materials Recycling Facilities).

Architectural Glass

glass_buildingFrom the smallest glazier to the largest processors, whatever your location or situation Berryman has the solution for collecting and recycling. We collect most types of plate and sheet glass nationwide including: float, patterned, tinted, mirrored, laminated, double glazed units commercial automotive glass in a variety of containers to suit your needs.

Automotive Glass

automotive_glassWe can collect and receive glass from Cars and Commercial vehicles.

Other Types

If you have any other type of glass in commercial quantities, please contact us and we can advise you whether it can be recycled.

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