Sorting and Treatment Plants

URM (UK) Ltd trading as Berryman operates some of the world’s most advanced cullet sorting and treatment plants. Located in London, West and South Yorkshire and Kent, they use sophisticated optical and mechanical processes to ensure that cullet of the highest quality is available for re-processing.

Raw Cullet Collection

offloading_culletRaw cullet from bottle banks, kerbside, or MRFs are transported to our cullet treatment plants for processing.

URM (UK) Ltd treatment plant

reuse_knottingleyURM (UK) Ltd cullet treatment plant (bottom left) alongside the Ardagh Glass factory in Knottingley, West Yorkshire.



Conveyors are used to transfer the raw and processed cullet around the plant delivering it each processing stage.

Pre Processing

The material is preprocessed to remove the paper and plastic using blown air, large metallic objects are removed with magnets and the material is manual sorted for larger contaminants which may cause issues in the processing plant.


The raw cullet is dried in a vertical dryer and the labels/dust removed via suction.



A vacuum system is connected to various points throughout the plant where small particles or paper and plastic are removed.


Magnets and Metal Detection equipment remove the smaller metallic objects from the cullet.

Camera Based Sorting Technology

lasersHigh definition cameras scan each piece of cullet as it passes through plant, these cameras and the computers connected to them can detect all types of contamination such as ceramic, stone, lead glass and heat resistant glasses. Once detected these contaminants are blown from the cullet stream by high speed jets or compressed air.

Once the contamination is removed additional camera based sorting machines are used to detect the 3 main colours of glass which are Flint (Clear), Amber (Brown) and Green. The various shades of each colour are detected by the cameras and again high speed jets of compressed air fire to eject the 3 colours in separate directions giving a 3 pure colours of cullet.